Friday, 16 May 2014

"Elfie. Why couldn't you have stayed calm for once - instead of flying off the handle?" #storyofmylife

It's crazy, but sometimes I feel like everything is drama, melodrama, potential crises, halfway authentic crises, more drama, and occasionally an "actual" crises (mental breakdowns, lengthy misunderstandings that take muchos apologies, tears, and diplomacy to figure out, etc. <--- ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but you get the point), and oh - did I mention drama? {Ok, from reading that paragraph, you're probably thinking that I am a major source in the dramatics around here... that's probably true}

The latest drama: Why do things have to be complicated? I mean, it's a "good" complicated... in the sense that it's probably improving our lives, improving our relationships with and ability to communicate with others, and other good stuff like that. But frankly, occasionally I think it would be much safer to close the door, curl up with my favorite pillows, a bag of cookies by my side, and pull out an old-fashioned book, not planning to come out until, um... the next day. Or maybe the day after that. Whenever the cookies and the water run out. Instead I am battling the new High IQ Phone, trying to figure out how to delete contacts without deleting them off everyone's phone, how to add contacts without adding them to everyone's phone, how to change my home page photo, how to... yeah, you get the point.

Technology is great... it's saved lives, improved communication, formed new friendships that might not have otherwise happened... it's enabled plumbing, electricity, iPods, cars that move fast, and all that fun stuff.

But sometimes, I think, I'm just getting too old for change... ;)


Disclaimer: This was meant as a semi-humorous post, not as a complaint. I am super excited about my new phone (whom I hope to name Fiyero!), I just wish it... came with an instruction manual.

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