Tuesday, 11 August 2015


This is a follow-up to my post, "Content to be Little".
The other day while washing dishes at work I came to an interesting realization: that all I have right now is enough. That having an all-powerful God who loves enough to die for me is all that I could ever need; He is my greatest reward, He is all-sufficient, and before all else He must truly be my all in all.

December 2014
That having a man who loves me is enough, even if he can't marry me right away and even if we are separated by months and miles. The fact that he is loving, supportive, thoughtful, godly, respectable, a strong leader, a good listener, and a hard worker is enough.
January 2012
That having a body covered in medical-related scars is enough. That there is always someone who is better off than you, but there is also someone who is worse off than you. The point isn't to compare with others, but to find joy no matter the circumstance.
May 2015
That God has given me more blessings and gifts that I can realize, and that I don't deserve any of them. I belong entirely to the Creator and though He could do anything He likes to me, He chooses to love me even when I screw up, to pick me up when I fall, and to love me when I am at my most unloveable. 
That everything I have is more than enough.
// These are the things that make us realize // Life is beautiful - the Afters
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  1. Hello dear Klarabelle...oh, how lovely to stop by for a visit...such a beautiful post and you are so, so beautiful! One can see your love for the Lord shining through! I am absolutely delighted that the Lord has brought a man after His own heart across your path, and I pray that you and he will continue to grow in your relationship and in the the wonderful Lord!
    Hugs to you and oh so much love!


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