Saturday, 1 September 2012

Paint Your Nails Turquoise!

Today is...


September 1st!!!  Woo-hoo!  What does this mean, you might ask? Well 10-1-12 means it's time to paint your nails turquoise for ovarian cancer awareness! Check out the original post here... Basically, a little over a year ago, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was scheduled for a surgery in which the cancer was discovered. She had to have another surgery to take some of the organs out and check for more cancer. I think I actually set up my blog while I was at the hospital with my dad, visiting her. Soon after starting this blog my family found out that the cancer had not spread - praise the Lord! My mom underwent chemotherapy for many months and now she has completed her treatment. With ovarian cancer, it is hard to decisively say whether it is gone or not. After the treatment finishes, the patient simply has to wait and see if any symptoms of the cancer appear...and of course, pray! :) At the moment it seems my mom is doing great and I am so thankful that she is still here with Dad and me. PTL! :)

Last year I had the idea to paint my nails turquoise which is
a. my favorite color (or at least one of them!)
b. the awareness color for ovarian cancer!


(pic from this website which I found on Google Images)


Okay, you get the point now, turquoise = ovarian cancer awareness color. Anyway...

Last year I invited my blog readers (back then, probably about 10 people? :)) to paint their nails with me! This year, Lordwilling, I'll paint my nails teal and if any of you would like to join me, that would be great! If you do you can e-mail me a pic of your painted nails, and Lordwilling, I'll feature it on a blog post! But only if you want of course! :)

Either way, it's up to you whether you want to paint your nails or not, but I would ask that you say a quick prayer for my mom and, Lordwilling, her continued recovery. Please let me know if you have any prayer requests - I'd love to pray for you all!



  1. I need to repaint my nails and I think I have decided on a color! *wink* :)

  2. I am going to paint my fingers! :)

  3. Hey Kara it's Riversbend! My mom and I read your blog and the story about your mom having ovarian cancer.And my mom and I would be happy to paint our nails and will be happy to pray for you and your family!
    Your friend,

    1. Hey Riversbend! Thanks so much for the visit and the sweet comment, and for your thoughts and prayers...and painting your nails! ;) Love ya lots, see you back on BRC soon, Lordwilling!

  4. I awarded you on my blog Kara. :)

  5. Here's a pic! :D


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